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Book Cover for World on Fire

Cady Colette has settled into some ease in her life as a librarian in the smallest library in upstate New York. Coming to terms with the disappearance of her husband six years previously has meant a new normal is finally accessible to her, and she feels she is getting closer. 

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But when one of her book-club teenagers goes missing, Cady is forced to explore the seedy underbelly of the seemingly tranquil Finger Lakes region.

Can she negotiate family dysfunction, generational failures, and the kinds of illegal activities that have never been part of her world, all while navigating her unsettled relationship with Blue, the investigator who put his life on the line for her? Can any of these ordinary people doing their best in extraordinary circumstances survive the journey unscathed? Or will the town’s secrets explode outward, laying a path of destruction through the community and her relationship?

Book Cover for Lock It Down

Cady Colette has learned to structure her days in the ordered stacks of the smallest library in upstate New York. Living in the heart of the serene Finger Lakes, she has downshifted more each year since the disappearance of her husband six years ago—without a trace.

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World on Fire launching
September 12, 2022!

Also available on Amazon and on Kindle.

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How to Order / Methods of Payment

You can order both books from this website. You can use any payment method accepted by Shopify, which is basically all of them. Add the number of books to your cart through the individual book pages, and you can checkout by clicking the little yellow shopping cart on the right edge of the page. And thank you for buying a book!

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All the books ordered from this website will be signed by Susan James.

If you would like a personal inscription, please send a note to SusanJames@dailypagespress.com.

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Autographed books will ship as soon after purchasing as is possible. Postage is determined by the USPS. Processing time is as quick as our hands can get the books in the mail. We hurry because we want you to have the book probably more than you do!

Returns and Refunds

We do not accept returns unless the book is damaged or defective. It's our hope that you like the book, but if you don't, please pass it on to a mystery novel lover or donate it to a local library, with our apologies. The author worked for years to craft a quality book. We hope she succeeded!