Sagittarius Season
 and the
Christmas Blues

Sagittarius Season: It’s Not about Being Over-Busy; It’s about Being Over-Scheduled (and How to Beat the Christmas Blues Next Year)


Confession: I’m a Sagittarius. Sun and Moon. And Mercury and Venus. That means I AM a Sag, I long to be a Sag in my spare time, I communicate like a Sag, and I love like a Sag. Just for a reference point, here are some of the typical Sagittarius qualities that describe me perfectly:

  • Don’t pin me down! Gawd, have you ever tried to get me (or any Sagittarius) on the phone or get me (or any Sagittarius) to schedule something? I mean, I’ll do it, but not willingly. And I’ll do it because I LOVE you and want to see you and communicate with you but if I ruled the world, we’d honestly run into each other and slip into a lollygagging 4-hour conversation, randomly and without commitment to “do it again soon.” I just want to be doing what I’m doing without all the planning that “real life” entails.


  • Big Talk! One of the reasons why phone talk is so hard for me is because I communicate like a Sag. Effusive and ebullient and with my hands and with my eyes. And I want all of that from you, too. The phone is just a poor translator of all that. It’s not my fave (cue eye rolls from everyone I know.) I want to connect. In person.
  • Lovvvvve me–and then leave me alone for a bit! Loving like a Sagittarius is like white hot heat at night and the blue black of cold embers in the morning. It can be all or nothing. The only reason it’s NOT all or nothing is because I (or any Sagittarius) have developed adult manners and understand reciprocity. But the way I love, if it were really left to me? Fiery and bright and intense and then I’d go read books for like three days. Lordy, the world is not set up for the Sag life. #Saglifeain’teasy

So, Christmas. I love Christmas SO MUCH. You. Guys. It’s my Season! I mean Christmas itself is Capricorn season but everything leading up to Christmas, the getting ready for Christmas, that’s all Sagittarius.

I do Christmas big. I decorate for days. Some years I bake for days. I shop and wrap for days. I decide for days where to give charitably. I attend so many parties. And, of course, I celebrate Thanksgiving and the reason for being: my Sagittarius birthday, all during this same season.
during this same season.

Christmas in my house growing up was always a time of cheer and festivity. I know from my life and work that that is not the case for everyone so I don’t mean to whitewash here. Just saying that my home was sweet and kind and for the most part, my parents took care not to even start Christmas proper until my birthday passed. I’m grateful for those memories and DNA implants.

It wasn’t until this year and the work that I have done on myself that I realize why in my adult life I have both loved Christmas so much but have also had a low-grade constant bummed out feeling around the holidays. I’d always just attributed it to stress and doing too much. We’ve all heard of the advice to let go of the obligations around the holidays and just do what gives you joy. Good advice all around.

BUT, what I’ve learned this year makes me want to shift that advice to deleting the commitments, not the busy. I can be busy all day every day and be happy and energized by it. But if I’m looking at an overflowing calendar and there’s no room left for just being in the moment, I cannot stand it.

Here’s why: Sagittarius in Sagittarius season is more Sagittarius than at any other point in the year. It’s sort of like the full moon is more moon-y than at any other time in the month. The moon is always there but it reaches its peak power when it is full and all its moonyness is amplified.

This is the same with any sign but since we’re in Sag season and it’s Christmastime here in my house, the answer to the low-grade blues have never been clearer. Right now, I want to be MORE FREE, more unburdened, more untethered and unscheduled and able to grasp the opportunities, social and otherwise, that appeal to me RIGHT NOW. Enter Christmas as an adult (and mom and homeowner and lover of Christmas), and it’s filled with lists and organization and chores that need to happen so that Christmas can finally be ENJOYED by everyone. It’s exhausting.

I’ve had years where I’ve not done certain Christmasy things to relieve the stress. I won’t bake this year and I won’t send out cards that year. But ultimately, deleting the things I enjoy doing just makes me feel more bummed out. There is more time for Hallmark Schmaltz, though, so there’s that.

Realizing for the first time today that each sign has a SEASON and that each sign is most in their power during that season made it all click for me. I need to do some of the planning and organizing during a planning and organizing season so that I can embrace the CHEER during the cheeriest season. I can do this.

You can do this too. You may not be Sagittarius but this is still Sagittarius season and it begs for us all to be a little more spontaneous and less scheduled and less about the chores and more about the cheer. Of course, stop doing all the obligation thingies. But that still leaves a lot of stuff that needs to get done. It’s a push-pull given that we want the cheer and we want the time.

For 2020, one thing I AM putting on my calendar to plan and make lists during planning and list season (hint: Aug/Sept) and seeing where else I can spread around the chores of this season so that when we get here again, I can enjoy it with pure cheer and joy like I did when I wasn’t the one in charge of the chores.

I think we can all do this without it being weird. I’m thinking of addressing Christmas cards in Sept and my first instinct is that it will be weird. BUT, isn’t the crush of December more than weird? For now, let’s all just commit to PLANNING Christmas in Aug/Sept and see how that goes? If you have kids going back to school, this makes it a bit more of a crush then, but let’s remember that it will be planning and listing season then so you’ll have more energy for that then. Let’s try it. This Sag is ready to lighten up Christmastime any way any how.

May you and your Sagittarius enjoy this season, merry and bright (and if you don’t have a Sag friend, come find me (but don’t ask me to put a meet-cute on my calendar!)

*Jingle jingle*